Terms & Conditions of Use

Last Update: Jul 1, 2021

In General: These Terms and Conditions ("Terms") set forth a legally binding agreement between the Qualified User (defined below) of this website and Solution One Partners, LLC, the operator of this website ("Operator"). By using this website ("Site"), the Qualified User agrees to all of the terms and conditions contained herein. Solution One Partners, LLC ("S1P") is a Nevada Limited Liability Company with its principal business offices located at 15396 N 83rd Avenue, Peoria, AZ 85381. 'Advantage Marketplace', 'Cruise PCPA' and 'SmileInspire' all brand names under which this website operates and reference to 'this website' is to include all brands specified.

Updates: Operator may revise these Terms at any time and Qualified User agrees to be bound by such revisions, which will become effective when first posted to this Site. Qualified Users are responsible for reviewing these Terms from time to time. Operator may notify Qualified Users by either posting a new version of the Terms and/or by notifying visitors on the Site that a new version has been posted.

Permission Access and Membership: The Operator has signed contracts with various clubs, affinity groups, non-profit organizations, academic institutions, and corporations, to provide various reward and loyalty program benefits to them and their constituents (each a "Client"). Only users who meet the following qualifications may access the site to transact: members, customers, employees, students and donors of Clients, or members of affinity groups or organizations developed and managed by the Operator (each a "Qualified User").

The Operator provides the Site to Qualified Users to facilitate the purchase of discounted merchandise and services through the use of accumulated affinity points ("Points") and promotional savings certificates ("Certs"). Qualified Users may only access the site through use of a unique user Name and password. The Operator provides three levels of access and benefits: (1) Qualified Users who are solely redeeming Certs for the purchase of hotels, resorts or merchandise, have only limited access to the products and services available on the Site, as determined by the Operator; (2) Qualified Users who are eligible for access to purchase most of the products and services available on the Site have a Basic Site Membership; and finally (3) some Qualified Users have the option to purchase an Enhanced Site Membership, either directly or through the Operator′s Clients, which provides additional benefits as determined by the Operator. Payment for such Enhanced Site Memberships may be made directly by the Qualified User or through the Client, either on a monthly or annual basis.

In some cases, the cancellation of the Qualified Users affiliation with the Client of the Operator, may result in the cancellation of their Basic Site Membership. If the Qualified User has purchased an Enhanced Site Membership, either directly or through a Client of the Operator, the cancellation of their Basic Site Membership may result in the simultaneous cancellation of their Enhanced Site Membership.

Enhanced Site Members will only be entitled to a refund of the cash portion of their prepaid subscription fee if their Basic Site Subscription has been canceled by the Client of the Operator. In that event, the Qualified User will be entitled to a pro-rata refund of the cash portion of their prepaid Membership fee; they shall not be entitled to a refund of any Points or Certs that were used to purchase all or part of the prepaid Membership. Qualified Users who have purchased a prepaid annual Membership directly from the Operator shall not be entitled to a refund of their prepaid Membership fee if they elect to cancel at any time during their Membership. Qualified Users who have purchased a prepaid monthly Membership directly from the Operator shall not be entitled to a refund of any prepaid monthly Membership fee, pro-rata or otherwise, if they elect to cancel their Membership, but shall have access to Site and full use of their Membership for the remainder of the then current month during which they canceled their Membership.

Membership Benefits: Basic Site Members and Enhanced Site Members can purchase a broad range of discounted Merchandise, Event Tickets, Hotel and Resort Accommodations, Cruises, Flights and Car Rentals, Vacation Tours, Attractions, and Gift Cards on the Site or through third-party web sites (each a "Benefit" and collectively, "Benefits") by utilizing cash. Alternately, Basic Site Members and Enhanced Site Members can redeem Points or Certs for partial payment of various products and services as determined by the Operator, utilizing Points or Certs plus cash. In addition, Basic Site Members and Enhanced Site Members may print out manufacturers coupons to use at participating local grocery stores. Enhanced Site Members can additionally print local savings and promotional coupons to use at local dining establishments, local events and attraction venues, and local retailers and service providers. The Operator reserves the right to alter or delete any Membership Benefit, or to add new Membership Benefits at its sole discretion.

Auto-Renewals: When each Membership term expires, the Operator will automatically renew that Membership on a monthly or annual basis as per the initial Membership term at the rate previously charged, unless the Member chooses a different Membership package or cancels the Membership prior to their renewal date. Members on an annual plan will receive an email reminder that the Membership is about to automatically renew. Likewise, all Members will be informed in the event of any change in the Membership fee prior to automatic renewal.

Awards: These are non-refundable, are not convertible to cash, and have no value outside of their use on the Site by Qualified Users. Certs expiration dates are indicated on the Site at the "Activity" section of a Cert. Certs can only be redeemed by Qualified Users. Certs may be used partially or in their entirety towards a purchase. Certs are generally fixed in redemption value and are not combinable with other Certs or Points. However, in the Operator′s sole discretion, Special Operator promotions may allow such combinations when and where indicated by Operator. Certs are only redeemable for a partial savings against the cost of a hotel, a resort or merchandise purchase. Cert types are limited to redemption for either Resort purchases only, Hotel purchases only, Merchandise purchases only, or Hotel and/or Merchandise purchases only. Any value remaining on a Hotel only or Merchandise only Cert after a purchase may be used in subsequent purchases, but only if the Cert has not expired. Resort Certs are limited to use on one purchase only.

Gift Cards: Gift cards have no expiration dates and a defined value and can be redeemed at merchants by anyone pursuant to the terms of the gift card providers.

Links to Other Websites and Third-Party Providers: Additional information about third-party service providers, such as airlines, hotels, resorts, and cruises, are available at those providers′ sites. Each third-party vendor has its own set of terms and conditions which are in addition to those provided by Operator. In cases and circumstances where the Operator′s Terms provide additional benefits or protections to a member, the Operator′s Terms will prevail.

Customer Support: Customer Support is available to Site Qualified Users as follows: (1) by phone (number indicated on the Site) and through online chat sessions Monday through Friday from 7:00AM – 5:00 PM Arizona time, (2) by email (indicated on the Site) on a 24/7 basis, and (3) by text, the latter for customer validation purposes only. Operator provides Customer Support for all Site transactions. In addition, third party customer support by the suppliers and providers of merchandise and services is available for most transactions as well.

Member Conduct: Any Qualified User′s privilege of access to and use of this Site may be terminated by Operator, in its sole discretion, at any time for any type of misconduct. Misconduct includes, but is not limited to, the use of the Site for any commercial reason, misconduct of any kind on any airline, or at any hotel, resort, restaurant, attraction or event purchased through the Site, or fraudulent purchases, charge-back disputes, and/or returns. Misconduct also includes the violation of any laws while on an airplane or while attending any hotel, resort, restaurant, attraction, or event purchased through the Site.

Transactions: The full or partial monetary payment of for all transactions made on this Site must be by credit card of the type identified on the Site. Transactions on Qualified User bank statements will indicate ′MyRewardStore.com′ for hotel, merchandise, gift cards and upgrades. All other transactions (air, resorts, cruise, vacation tours, attractions, and events) will indicate the relevant service provider or event management company.

Web Site Accuracy and Errors: All complex Web Sites contain some random errors, typos, transcription errors, and omissions. Operator reserves the right to correct such errors and, if necessary, cancel transactions and refund any payments, whether by credit card, points consumption, or certificate use. In the alternative, Qualified Users may choose to supplement any payments made to preserve significant purchases and reservations.

Returns, Refunds, and Cancellations: Cancellation policies, deadlines, and refunds for Event, Attraction, Airline, Hotel, Resort, Vacation Tours, and Cruise purchases are set by the respective service providers, or in the case of some hotels, by local hotel management. Appropriate cancellation refunds will be provided directly by those service providers. Merchandise Returns are subject to a thirty percent (30%) restocking fee, which will be deducted from the refund due the Qualified User. Purchasers are also responsible for the shipping costs associated for returning the merchandise, which may also be deducted from the refund due the Qualified User if not paid by the Qualified User at time of shipment. Qualified Users who return merchandise may be awarded a Cert in an amount equal to the shipping cost plus the thirty percent (30%) restocking fee. Any Points used by Basic and Enhanced Site Members will also be reinstated. Merchandise returned due to damage during shipment will receive a replacement or, if none is available, a refund. Qualified Users must photo document the package and the damage prior to shipping any damaged product back. The Site will strive to alert purchasers of merchandise about any manufacturer recalls as soon as possible on the Site. This may include product replacement in the case of manufacturing defects. All sales of Gift Cards and Membership upgrades are final and no refunds or compensation will be issued.

Limitation of Liability: S1P and/or Operator do not assume and expressly disclaim any and all liability or responsibility for any loss or injury whatsoever to Qualified Users and/or their guests or their property at any event, attraction, or dining establishment or on any cruise line ship, at any hotel, or resort, or on any aircraft related to a purchase transaction on the Site. S1P and/or Operator do not assume any responsibility or obligation due to delays, cancellations, nature, oil spills, mechanical breakdown, strikes, civil unrest, terrorism (or threat of terrorism) or acts of God at or en route to any of the above. All of the hotel, resort, resort, cruise, attraction, and event descriptions have been provided by each provider or manager of such. S1P′s and/or Operator′s entire liability related to the use of any merchandise, ticket, or gift card shall be limited to the payments made by the Qualified User for such. In no event shall S1P or the Site be liable for any incidental, consequential, punitive, or indirect damages (including, without limitation, lost profits or lost savings) associated with the purchase or use of any product or service from the Site regardless of the form of action, whether asserted in contract, tort, or otherwise. S1P and/or the Site are not responsible for the performance, functionality, or lack of availability of merchandise or services, or the negligent conduct of any service provider or merchandise seller.

Choice of Law, Venue, and Forum: These Terms shall be construed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of the State of Nevada without regard to any conflicts of laws principles. Any legal proceeding of any nature brought by any Qualified User or by Operator against the other party, arising out of any matter related to these Terms, shall be filed and litigated in the Superior Court of Nevada located in Las Vegas, Nevada, also without regard to any conflicts of laws principles. The Parties consent and submit to the jurisdiction of such court and agree to accept service of process outside the state of Nevada in any matter to be submitted hereunder.

Privacy Policy: S1P′s Privacy Policy relevant to the Qualified Users use of the Site is herewith incorporated in its entirety. S1P′s Privacy Policy is available on the Site.